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Ann Siegís book the 7 great lies of network marketing created ripples all over the world when it released a few years back.

The book which basically talks about the 7 great misconceptions or lies (as defined by Ann Sieg) that are prevalent in the network marketing industry became an overnight success.

Written with great passion Malik McDowell Jersey , this controversial book literally tears open a lot of practices happening in the network marketing industry and in the whole process it ended up creating a bunch of raving fans and vehement opposers.

So is Ann Sieg right in creating such a negative piece of content in order to promote her training on how to build a network marketing business the right way?

To answer this question I need to talk about this topic: Positive Marketing Style Vs Negative Marketing Style.

There are two kinds of marketing approaches. One is the positive style and one is the negative style.

The positive style revolves around talking about a common problem and providing a solution to the common problem.

The focus is on tapping into the emotional aspect of humans. Humans hate problems. They are very passionate about hating their problems.

Focusing on the emotional side is a great way of selling your solution. This is what the positive marketing style does and this is a pretty common thing.

Now coming over to the negative style of marketing.

The negative style of marketing is more geared towards the ďeither this or thatĒ approach where you really have to pick a side. The negative style of marketing focuses more on bashing up the opponent to make its point.

From the kind of content it is very evident that the 7 great lies of network marketing ebook focuses on the negative style of marketing where a battleground is created for an outright war between traditional network marketers and attraction marketers.

So does the negative marketing style serve any purpose?

Actually it does. People need to understand that the negative approach is just a marketing angle used by Ann Sieg to connect with people on a more emotional level.

This results in her developing some bond with the ones who agree with her.

At the same time there is an immediate friction with those people who donít agree with her message.

Had it been a positive one, the story would have been different.

But at the end of the day it is the strength of the relationship built (or trust) that counts and Ann Sieg knows very well the majority is on her side.

Due to the YOU Vs ME attitude of the 7 great lies of network marketing book, we have two sets of people at opposing ends.

On one side, you have leaders who say that the old techniques is what has been working for the past few decades.

On the other side, you have Ann Siegís common sense filled advice on how not to do things and she supports her statements by showing you the huge number of success stories of people who embraced the new.

So who do you believe to be true?

Itís actually not a question of who do you really believe, but itís more about whose methodology suits you.

Thatís what matters in the end.

Some people thrive in the traditional network marketing atmosphere while others look like a fish out of water.

The same can be said for online attraction marketing principles. Some people do really well with this model while others canít figure out a thing.

Then there are some who effective use both these strategies (online + offline) to get the best of the both worlds Ė leverage and rock solid stability.

The 7 great lies of network marketing ebook in my opinion is a very well written book not only because of its style but also because of the fact that it is filled with logic.

The 7 great lies of network marketing by ann sieg totally changed the way I looked at network marketing. If you are interested to learn how to build your network marketing business using powerful attraction marketing techniques, then go to this 7 great lies of network marketing article page.

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