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Liuxia feeds reindeer in the family's mountain home. Photo: Wang Yuanling

More than 10 years since the local government began to move Ewenki people out of their native forests , some members of the small ethnic group have returned to resume their traditional lifestyle.

The Yakut branch of China's Ewenki people mainly reside in the forests of the Daxingan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. For thousands of years they lived a relatively isolated lifestyle, hunting and keeping reindeer. But in 2003 local governments began to move them away from the forests to better protect the natural environment and in 2015 banned hunting in the Daxingan Mountains.

There are no more than 30,000 Ewenki people in China. The government built residences near cities for the Ewenkis, however, not all of them like the city life. Some Ewenkis have since returned to the forests. As they are now banned from carrying guns Ecco Sandales Pas Cher Soldes , they can only keep reindeer that feed on moss and fungus.

Weijia and his family are part of this group. He resisted when the police banned gun ownership. Since then, Weijia has been struggling with alcoholism. His elder sister Liupa, the first Ewenki college student, was once a painter. After years of being caught in the middle between the city and the forest, she was found drowned in a river in her hometown. Weijia's other sister Liuxia feeds their reindeer every day.

After they were moved Ecco Sandales Homme Pas Cher , Budongxia found another patch of forest on which she can keep reindeer. As the size of her herd increased, tourists have begun to visit her place. She makes some money through hosting tourists, but said she prefers the serenity of solitude.

Keeping reindeers is not easy. Every autumn when they enter their mating season, they must be released into the forest for the males to each have their own territory. The deer may travel more than 5 kilometers away, so herders have to climb across the mountains to keep an eye on each of them.

Not all the Ewenki miss their old lives. Suobin Ecco Sandales Pas Cher , 34, donned fashionable clothes and accessories and thinks it is no big deal to get used to a new place, however, his mother doesn't like being frequently visited by sightseeing outsiders.

After they were made to leave, most of the old homes of Ewenkis were turned into tourist hotels ECCO Homme Yucatan Sandales Wild Dove Titanium Noir , while several of the houses were left as they were to showcase the lives the Ewenkis once lived.

Global Times

Budongxia stands in the woods where she has been keeping reindeer. Photo: Wang Yuanling

Ewenki people store their food on elevated shelves in the woods. Photo: Wang Yuanling

A movable house allocated by the local government is parked outside Budongxia's mountain home. In several years, after the reindeer eat all the moss and fungus in the region, the family will have to move to another region. Photo: Wang Yuanling

An Ewenki man keeps a knife in his pocket. They are not allowed to use guns any more, and their knives are also smaller than before. Photo: Wang Yuanling

In order to plan a vacation trip, it is essential that you arrange a place as to exactly where you can live and appreciate the facilities and beauties of the trip. The same is the case of rent holiday Ile de R?. Although ECCO Homme Yucatan Sandales Espresso Cocoa Marron Noir , the island is small and newly developed, still it has top class accomodation facilities for its international as well as local guests on the island.

The first type of accomodation accessible is the apartments which might consist of one, two or three bedrooms. These apartments too can be categorized according to the nature of the trip.

One bedroom apartment is ideal for a romantic vacation or for a business trip. These apartments are totally furnished with bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and living area accessories. Even though ECCO Homme Yucatan Sandales Tarmac Moon Rock , the apartment is built for two persons to live in, nevertheless, by adding a sofa bed in it, thre to four persons can effortlessly be accomodated in the flat.

Two bedrooms apartment has two bedrooms obviously with a big living area. This apartment may or may not have separate kitchens. Similarly, a wing apartment in this category also consists of two bedrooms and a kitchen area ECCO Homme Yucatan Sandales Bison Noir , but the living rooms in these apartments are not built. These flats are especially suitable for student trips or bachelors who do not need a lot area of common living room.

Holiday apartments are the greatest choice for accomodation because it gives the comfort of house on one hand and the facilities of eating, drinking, swimming, gymnasiums, gaming arena ECCO Homme Yucatan Sandales Noir Mole , saunas, spas and outdoor gaming areas for the kids and the adults to enjoy. three bedroom flats, in this regard is good for loved ones trips as these flats holds the benfit of accomodating the entire family and that too at low price.

Apart from holiday flat in rent holiday Ile de R?, bungalows are another choice so as to use it as an indicates of accomodation. Stunning bungalows which are facing the sea water and giving an exotic natural scene do not require you to invest a lot of money on it. You can use the garden area for enjoying a BBQ party or merely take a sunbath besides the pool of the bungalow. Private kitchens allow you to make an huge gourmet for you and your family to appreciate.

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