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Exactly where Did Halloween Customs Originate from? When All Saints Day and also the pagan festivals had been combined, the rituals and customs had been also combined. Sporting costumes, ghosts, witches Cheap Jonny Brodzinski Jersey , carrying lighted ornaments to represent spirits, the whole trick-or-treat factor, harvest events, etc. received mixed over the centuries with what had been a somber occasion in the Christian calendar. A few of these rituals had been sacrifices to pagan gods prior to the pagans were Christianized. And there’s the rub! Christians Cheap Andy Andreoff Jersey , who have no problem using the Xmas Tree or Easter Egg (pagan rituals), appear to draw the line with regards to the Halloween pagan rituals and customs…particularly these involving the dead.

What Does It Need to Do With the Dead? Really, All Saints Day and Halloween share the concept of honoring the dead…they just differ around the techniques. Many with the pagan rituals include tributes to the lifeless. That is probably why ghost costumes and tombstones have become Halloween classics. I don’t understand the pain numerous Christians have using the idea of spirits being everywhere, or of spiritual life beyond bodily demise…it’s the cornerstone of Christianity as taught within the Bible. Why would we be so frightened of what is around the other side of death? Many are so afraid Cheap Kyle Clifford Jersey , they maintain their kids from taking part within the fun of Halloween.

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